Singapore Laksa

Singapore Laksa

While the home-grown Katong Laksa is the most famous version of this dish, there are few different takes on this spicy concoction of this spicy coconut milk-based soup that can be tasted in Singapore. From the Penang Laksa with its' caracteristic tamarind-tang to the Sarawak version that is curry-based.

Laksa originates with the Peranakan group living in the Katong area. Its' bright colours reminding you of a tropical sunset, the tasty dried shrimps and fresh coconut milk and the various toppings like fishcake, prawns or cockles make this dish a unique staple of the Singapore food tradition and culture.

Singapore Laksa
Singapore Laksa

The main focus, however, can't stay long away from the noodles - that is one of Katong Laksa's strong characteristics. This thick vermicelli is usually cut in short pieces that can be slurped easily using a spoon. When you will visit some of the local food stalls, you will only be getting a spoon to enjoy your laksa so, no chopsticks are really needed.

People are so in love with the Katong Laksa that clients used to travel sometimes all across the island to enjoy the Laksa in Katong. Nowadays, with the increase of food stalls and "serialization" of the flavours due to franchising processes, Katong Laksa is available all across the island and even beyond Singapore borders.

So, when you visit Singapore, don't leave without trying Laksa.

When you look for the best Laksa in Singapore, as we said before, many locals wouldn’t even venture beyond East Coast Road. Even Gordon Ramsay - for a cooking showdown in 2013 - visited this outlet trying to imitate the creation. Needless to say that 328 Katong Laksa turned out victourius in the match with the famed Kitchen Nightmares' chef and that, boosted even more their fame.

Gordon Ramsey at 328 Katong Laksa

What makes their Laksa so special is the extremely delicious and aromatic coconut based curry soup.


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51 E Coast Rd,
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